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Reports on Mongolia

Release of the 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released the ninth annual Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report on Tuesday, June 16.  This 175-country report is the most comprehensive worldwide report on the efforts of governments to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons, a modern-day form of slavery.  Its findings are intended to raise global awareness and spur countries to take effective actions to counter trafficking in persons.  The assessment includes narratives on 173 countries determined to have victims of severe forms of human trafficking and two designated as special cases.

This year’s Report includes a particular focus on the effects of the global economic crisis on the supply and demand of human trafficking.  Modern-day slavery continues to be a problem in nearly every country in the world, and traffickers continue to search for new opportunities to exploit men, women and children.  The full text of the Report and photos of human trafficking themes are available on the State Department’s web site,