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Diversity Visa: DV-2016

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar is pleased to announce that registration for the Diversity Visa (DV) 2016 program will begin on October 1, 2014, and run through November 3, 2014.

Key Details

  • The DV-2016 program will be conducted entirely electronically, including electronic entry.  Paper entries are not accepted.  The State Department website established for the submission of E-DV entries is
  • Registered entries that comply with form submission instructions will result in the display of a confirmation screen page containing the applicant's name and confirmation number, which should then be printed.  The confirmation screen page will provide information the entrant must use to electronically check the status of his/her own entry through the Entrant Status Check available at  Only those entrants who have their confirmation information will be able to check their Entrant Status and, if selected, receive application instructions and notification of their IV interview appointment.  A link on the Entry Status Check page will allow entrants to retrieve their confirmation number by entering their e-mail address, last name, and year of birth. 
  • Entrants may prepare and submit their own entries or have someone submit the entry for them.  Regardless of whether an entry is submitted by the individual directly or assistance is provided by an attorney, friend, relative, etc., only one entry may be submitted in the name of each individual, and the person entering DV-2016 remains responsible for ensuring that the information is correct and complete.  All entrants, including those not selected, will be able to check the status of their entry through the Entrant Status Check available at
  • The law allows only one entry by or for each person during each registration period. The Department of State uses sophisticated technology to detect multiple entries. Entrants who submit more than one entry will be disqualified.

Please refer to the DV-2016 Instructions at for complete program rules and answers to Frequently Asked Questions from entrants.  These instructions should be read carefully as failure to comply with all the instructions could result in the disqualification of an entry.

The Consular Section encourages DV program entrants to apply early.  The Consular Section also reminds entrants that the Department of State utilizes web-based tools to notify entrants of their selection and immigrant visa (IV) interview appointment as part of ongoing efforts to combat fraud perpetrated against DV entrants.  The Department will not send selectee notification or appointment letters to successful entrants by regular mail or by e-mail.  Again, the Department of State never uses email to notify entrants that they have been selected for the DV Program, and you should be cautious of such email scams.  Starting May 5, 2015, entrants may enter their DV-2016 entry confirmation number into the Entrant Status Check, available at, to find out whether their entry was selected or not.  Subsequently, selected individuals who respond to the notification instructions provided on the E-DV selectee confirmation page on Entrant Status Check will also receive notification of their scheduled IV appointment through Entrant Status Check.  DV-2016 data will be available through Entrant Status Check until June 30, 2016.  All entrants should keep their confirmation number until June 30, 2016, whether they are initially selected or not.

Potential entrants may send questions to the Consular Section’s Immigrant Visa Unit at

DV instruction in Mongolian language (PDF 457KB)

Fee: While there is no initial fee for entering the DV Lottery, lottery winners must pay a non-refundable fee of $330 for each application at the U.S. Embassy.  Be sure you qualify before you apply since no application fees will be returned if the lottery winner is unable to meet all education, training, medical, security and criminal record requirements.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

A lot of businesses and individuals take advantage of people who wish to live and work in the US.  Protect yourself – know the facts:

  • There’s no charge to enter the green card lottery. You can enter on your own at the State Department’s Web site
  • No one can improve your chance of winning. 
  • Selection of entries is random.  It is impossible to for you or other people to manipulate the lottery.
  • Submit only one entry. If you submit more than one within one year, you will be disqualified. 
  • The Department of State wants to emphasize that the Bureau of Consular Affairs never provides notification of DV selection via e-mail.  Selection notification has, in the past been made via mail or a delivery service.  For DV-2016, notification of selection will only be made through Entry Status Check on the E-DV website
  • The Department of State will only send an e-mail to selected applicants who have responded to the notification information on Entry Status Check.  This e-mail will simply alert such applicants that details of their immigrant visa appointment are available on Entry Status Check.  E-mail communications will not provide selectee notification, will not direct recipients to pay fees, will not provide application instructions, and will not detail visa interview dates and times.
  • The use of outside entities to assist in the Diversity Visa process is not only an unnecessary expense, but incorrect information is often entered, resulting in the Lottery entry being disqualified or the visa application being denied should the individual be selected to apply for a visa.
  • In the past, some unscrupulous visa facilitators have been known to substitute their own addresses for the Lottery entrants' addresses without their knowledge.  If an individual was selected in the DV Lottery, the notification letter of selection would then go to the facilitator and not to the selectee.  The facilitator would subsequently demand money or require illegal action on the part of the selectee in order for the selectee to obtain the notification package.
  • The State Department has dedicated units that work with Internet providers to try to stop these scams.

Please consult our fraud warning for further information about internet scams at

If you wish to file a complaint about fraud relating to visas or the diversity visa program, please email us at:

Contact Information

  • The Immigrant Visa Unit is located at:

    U.S. Embassy Consular Section
    Big Ring Road
    Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    If you have questions regarding the status of an immigrant visa petition, please send an email to

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