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Embassy Holidays

The Embassy will be closed for the following holidays in 2014

January 1 Wednesday New Year's Day USA/Mongolian
January 20 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday USA
January 30 Thursday Lunar New Year's Eve* Mongolian
January 31 Friday Lunar New Year* Mongolian
February 17 Monday Washington’s Birthday USA
March 7 Friday International Women’s Day Mongolian
May 26 Monday Memorial Day USA
June 2 Monday Mother and Child Day Mongolian
July 4 Friday Independence Day USA
July 11 Friday National Holiday Mongolian
September 1 Monday Labor Day USA
October 13 Monday Columbus Day USA
November 11 Tuesday Veterans Day Mongolian
November 24 Monday Chinggis Khaan's Day* Mongolian
November 27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day USA
December 25 Thursday Christmas Day USA

*Lunar New Year and Chinggis Khaan's Day date may change according to the Local Astrologers' decision.